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Our Team

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Yaron Felus, PhD


Dr. Yaron Felus is a manager , entrepreneur and technology expert. His focus is on mapping systems, data science and AI.

He worked as a manager of the R&D Division of the Survey of Israel and as a manager of a geo-information company.

Worked as a researcher and as an advisor with the US National Intelligence Agency, NASA, NSF, Byrd Polar research center and more. Geo-Information Professor in USA and Israel.


Yaron has Served as an Officer in the C4I Corps of the IDF, managed the development of key teleprocessing systems.

Yaron holds a BSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering, MSc and PhD in Geo-information

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Mr. Shay Akler

VP Business Development & Co-founder

Shay is an entrepreneur and senior technology leader with over 25 years of expertise in initiating, managing, and delivering complex large scaleR&D projects in the fields of geo intelligence, counter terrorism, automation, and digital mapping.

Shay has previously led the Visint and data exploitation department at the Directorate of Defense Research and  Development (DDR&D) at the IMOD, where he incubated and deployed solutions in computer vision, AI, and machine learning.  In addition, Shay oversaw the department’s R&D cooperation with major institutions in North America, Europe, and the Far East.


During his service Shay has received two Israel Defense Awards, several DMI awards for creativity and an Innovation award from the Ground Forces Commander.

Shay has a BA in Electrical Engineering and MA in Public Policy (both with honors) from Tel Aviv University.

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Yosi Shvartzman

CTO & Co-founder

Yosi is a tech industry leader with over 15 years of experience in software development and management across a variety of R&D platforms. His areas of expertise include computer vision, AI, and digital mapping, and he combines extensive hands-on experience with proven leadership and vision.

Yosi has served as VP R&D at UVEye, a solutions provider for the automatic external inspection of vehicles, where he was responsible for the defining, creating, and executing the technology roadmap. Prior to that, he spent 8 years at LMY R&D, where he started as a developer and grew up to become the VP R&D and CTO.

Yosi holds a BSc in Computer Sciences from Tel Aviv College and a certified programmer diploma from the IDF's College of Computer Studies (MAMRAM).

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Garry Zalmanson, PhD


Dr. Garry Zalmanson has over 30 years of R&D experience in photogrammetry, image processing, computer vision, electro-optics, digital mapping, and navigation.


Garry has conducted research at leading academic institutes and has hands-on experience working in hi-tech and with elite IDF technological units.


In 2010, Garry founded LMY R&D, a knowledge-based company providing advanced algorithm-driven yet industry-mature software solutions for both corporate and defense verticals.


Garry has a PhD in photogrammetry from Ohio State University, a BSc in Geodesy and a BA in Applied Mathematics (both summa cum laude) from the Technion and a diploma in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University.

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