What We Offer 

We partner with entrepreneurs who need technology, knowledge, and hands-on experts to turn their vision into reality.
If you're a pre-seed or seed stage venture with a solid business model and limited technological resources, we are the partners you're looking for. 

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About Us

​We are experts in visual intelligence, computer vision, and AI solutions.
With many years of scientific and technological experience, we’ve worked in elite intelligence units, startups, and with top-tier defense and security firms. 

Computer vision 

Detection, Calibration, Localization, Navigation, Matching, Model driven HLV (High Level Vision)

Augmented Reality &
Virtual Reality

Proprietary, Unreal, Vuforia,
Unity, ARCore, ARKit

Image & Video


Tracking, Timing, Change
Detection, BI

Geospatial Analysis
 & Mapping

 GIS, 3D Modeling, Photogrammetry, MMS, Data Visualization

AI & Deep Learning 

Segmentation, Classification, Recognition

Sensors &
Sensor Fusion

Cameras, Lidars, GPS, IMU, VSLAM,
 DSLAM, Filtering, Control

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Automotive (ADAS)
& Smart Transportation 


Sports Analytics

Agro-Tech &

Defense & Security


How It Works


We work with entrepreneurs and early stage startups (pre-seed & seed) with a bold vision and solid business model. Our pre-selected startups receive end-to-end technology development and guidance, including a roadmap, product design and implementeation. If needed, we can take full responsibility for building your technology team.    

We are your partners, working together with you to develop the advanced technological capabilities you need to be in the best position for your next funding round. We are dynamic, providing the level of technological and strategic support that fits your business needs.

Our team of experts covers the full spectrum of technological competencies, with extensive experience delivering algo-driven solutions on time and within budget. Our tech team is yours until you have what’s needed to take your venture to the next level.

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Our technological leadership and
mentoring will guide your company
towards growth and success 

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